3 Essential Automations Every Company Should Run using Keap

When it comes to running a sales and marketing pipeline for your business, there are often certain key workflows that a CRM and automation tool like Keap can support for your team – but, it can often be overwhelming to figure out which processes to automate first.
Command Center has designed many automations and campaigns that focus on growth & customer retention. The Keap platform allows us full customization to make the most effective campaigns for the businesses we support. These are the 3 tried-and-true campaigns we recommend every business runs in their application.

1. Follow Up Campaign from Contact Us

One of the best sales workflows you can support with Keap automation is follow up for your inbound leads. This is a great way to ensure that each inbound contact in your sales funnel is given the same all-star attention and treatment.

Some of the things you can include in your follow up workflow are:

  • Initial thank you email
  • SMS message
  • Task for sales person
  • Notification Email / IM

Automating follow up for your inbound leads also ensures that each lead is given the same number of follow up touches.

We recommend a minimum of 3 calls and 3 emails at Command Center.

Intelligent tagging in Keap can also give you historical data so you gain insight into which activities in your automation/workflow are producing the greatest ROI.

2. Lead Magnet Campaign

A digital marketing strategy for your business likely includes different digital lead magnets. These items are meant to attract your target audience and should be valuable enough that your target audience is willing to hand over their contact information for access.

You can use your Keap program to automate workflows once a contact has filled out a form and downloaded your content.

These workflows can include:

  • Follow Up email with deliverable, upsell, access code and other valuable information
  • Follow Up tasks like phone calls and touch-points to help convert sales funnel
  • Tags for activity and history that help you target your follow up and qualify prospects quicker.

3. Nurture Campaign

As much as we’d like every lead and connection to convert to a client quickly. That being said, more often than not, prospects and leads need some nurturing over time to move from meeting your company to making a purchase or signing an agreement.

You can use automation and keap tools to support your nurture activities. Some examples of nurture strategies Keap can support are:

  • Digital Newsletter (monthly recommended)
  • Recurring Blog Emails
  • Periodic phone calls and tasks for target contacts

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